We recently wrote praising the local businesses in Devonshire Road, Chiswick, for their simple but effective approach to marketing. They hold a high quality street party every year. The locals love it and so the businesses benefit: everybody wins!

You can find our post about it HERE. It went under the title ‘Good marketing needn’t be difficult’.

This is a scene at the party: clear evidence of it’s success:


We’re delighted to say that the local businesses have decided to branch out (or ‘line extend’) further, into music, and so are launching a music festival in the local streets. Here is the launch poster, yesterday:


Look at it carefully.

Putting aside the obvious lack of an event name, and its poor aesthetics, can you see the more fundamental problem?

Whilst we can see who is on, where they are on, and at what time they are on…we can’t see the date of the extravaganza anywhere!

It seems the organisers quickly realised their error, as here is the same scene, today:


But it just goes to show that whilst we may all be good on some occasions, we can also be poor on others. And that whilst God is in the detail, the Devil is in the detail too!

We hope their event is ultimately a success.