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City Year UK appoint Muse and Technique for brand refresh

Today’s blog praises a rigorous approach to brand development. Uncommon as it is for us to blow our own trumpet, we’re going to make an exception for a good cause. We’re delighted to say that City Year UK have appointed Muse and our creative agency Technique to define...

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Brand Definition: Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls

It’s at times like these that the benefits of a well articulated brand, the proposition that encapsulates it and the ways in which that brand is manifest all become the focus of attention. And the values that were easy to put down on paper suddenly have to pay their way when held up to the harsh glare of negative publicity. A strong brand should be able to act as both weather vane and litmus test for any potential and real time problems regarding potential or current corporate partners. And whilst the role of corporate social responsibility continues to grow, marketers should be the first in line to articulate, guard and engage staff with brands.

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Sex, Lies and Tunbridge Wells

This week’s blog mourns the death of the silly season and celebrates creatives for keeping us on the straight and narrow. A curious side-product of today’s ‘post-truth’ world is that it has made the Summer silly season for news a redundant notion. Sadly, there’s very...

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Organisational Alignment: It’s Not Rocket Science

Baristas, broken hearts and customer experiences – aligning brands and people This week Caffe Nero announced a new customer app, a move into FMCG coffee sales and an upgraded food product range. But what Nero won’t be fiddling with is the brand. Key to their...

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Membership: Medium Grind. Maximum Gripe.

“It’s a storm in a teacup, brewin’ up double, over any little trouble” – today’s blog reflects on the pitfalls of tampering with membership benefits. This week Waitrose announced that the hot drinks free to members will only now be available after they make a...

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God Is In The Detail (And A Decent Piece Of Research)

This week’s blog spills the beans on the meaning of life and heaps praise on an organisation for practising what it preaches. Whilst we’re always loyal to our clients we aren’t in the habit of religiously promoting their brands (err, actually, yes we are). Anyhoo,...

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Shaken not stirred – Muse starts a tab at Remix

For those who should have been at the Remix Summit but opted instead for Xmas shopping on Oxford Street, here’s a Xmas present from us to you – a diary of highlights (and otherwise) that you can drop into the conversation whilst admiring your new Jimmy Choos. So...

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Lost on the Trail of Brand Tracking

This week’s blog plunders the oldest jokebook in the world, considers the conundrum of tracking brands in specialist sectors and shamelessly plugs our own solution. ‘Well we know where we're goin', but we don't know where we've been' A city motorist lost in the...

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An aesthetic working week

A rather unnecessary post in truth, but we wanted to celebrate a couple of the more pleasing places we've found ourselves in this week as result of our work. We'll leave you to guess / work out where they were. Both within an hour of our office in the centre of...

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Museums, Monkeys & Content Marketing

“And that's when I realized there might be a meaning to life, you know, like an organic power that connects all living things, God, Yahweh, I dunno.” On the subject of fate we’re happy to go with Martin, star of the classic “Grosse Pointe Blank” on this one....

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Examples of our work

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Nestle impress us. Of the multinational FMCG businesses it is the most flexible and adaptable, maybe along with Pernod-Ricard.

We were appointed to identify portfolio priorities and define key brand propositions.

Minette Walters

Our first publishing project.

Defining audience, brand, and communications plan.

Very successful.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois has long been one of Britain’s most successful beer brands. But it hasn’t always been plane sailing. It has gone through several periods of decline.

We got involved during the last one. A repositioning was planned. The ad agency wasn’t sure that was right. They suggested we have a look.


Big initiatives hadn’t resulted in big growth in visitor numbers.

We were appointed to find out why and propose actions.