Culture Panel

As leaders in marketing strategy we developed the UK Cultural Consumer Panel to fulfill our commitment to bring the best and most innovative practices from the commercial world to the cultural sector.


What it is:

The UK Cultural Consumer Panel provides unique access to 70,000 culturally engaged respondents. It enables cultural marketers to understand the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of a wide range of current and potential audiences in a rigorous, fast and cost-effective manner.


Quality respondents:

The Muse Culture Panel comprises a representative spread of culturally active and engaged adults with an interest in the visual arts, museums, performance, music and other culture and leisure events. The Panel only includes respondents who are proven to be culturally active, rather than those that simply claim to be. All of the panel respondents have been recruited onsite at cultural venues, so we know they actually engage with culture in the real world.  We are aware that some other panels use screening questions to identify cultural consumers but we also know from research that over-claim is common in this sector and it’s sometimes the case that people aren’t as culturally active as they think they are. With the Culture Panel, clients can be confident they are researching amongst the most appropriate audience.


Using the panel:

The Culture Panel is used by many of the UK’s cultural organisations. It is entirely flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of uses such as:

  • Attendance forecasting
  • Awareness testing
  • Brand tracking
  • Exhibition concept testing
  • Qualitative recruitment
  • Creative evaluation
  • Title testing
  • Price modelling
  • Appeal of membership benefits

We believe it is the most cost-effective means of putting cultural leaders in touch with audiences swiftly, economically, and reliably.


How we charge:

We charge a one off set up cost and a cost per question.



The panel can be used at any time. We usually have 95% of responses within three days and so simple questions can be answered within the same week that the work is commissioned.

The Muse FREE bi-monthly cultural question:

Every other month we will be inviting our cultural clients to suggest a question to our panel. The question we judge will be of widest appeal to the cultural sector will be put to our panel free of charge. The data will be shared with everyone in the sector on our database. The author of the question selected will receive a bottle of champagne.

We have put a question on our panel as a starter regarding what is most liked and disliked about museum and gallery visiting. It included a question about timed entry because the issue of crowding at popular exhibitions has been raised by both cultural clients and research respondents recently. We see it as a risk to museums and galleries because we know that one of the main benefits of museum and gallery visiting is to escape day to day pressures…but crowds are one of the day to day pressure that they are trying to escape.

The results are below:



It would appear that timed admission is as annoying as it is appealing to visitors. Respondents were given 16 criteria to evaluate. For 18% of them to rate timed entry as the least favourite aspect of a visit must be cause for concern from an audience satisfaction perspective, however expedient from a capacity management perspective.

To propose a free bi monthly cultural question to go on the panel or to find out more about our Culture Panel contact James HERE