There is a road in Chiswick, West London, called Devonshire Road. It is one of two roads in Chiswick particularly known for it’s premium independent shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, and for its sense of community. It is the location of the celebrated Michelin starred restaurant La Trompette, where Mick Jagger can often be found dining.

This is how it looks on an everyday morning (featuring La Trompette, third from left)

Once a year the businesses get together and hold a street party.

This is how the party looked in the morning when it took place a few days ago

(That’s Matt Dawson, World Cup winning ex rugby union star and team captain on the UK TV quiz show, ‘A Question of Sport’, centre left, waiting for his wife and son, who were dancing to the band!)

And this is how it looked in the afternoon

Why the huge difference in attendance between the morning and the afternoon? The bars were open in the afternoon and lunch was on offer!

But compare the first picture to the third. Not only is the event now a ‘must visit’ event in Chiswick but as a result it is a huge commercial success for the businesses. One we know said they make more money on that day than they do in the whole of the rest of the month!

The event represents the definition of good marketing to us: satisfying consumer demand, profitably.