This week’s blog indulges in a little head-wetting, a modicum of boasting and invites all our readers to share the moment with a rare offer.

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of Technique. Technique is our new creative agency that delivers outstanding creativity for clients who don’t want a big agency relationship but do want great work.

(It also offers training on how to get the best from creative agencies.)

Like all new arrivals, Technique has appeared on the scene with typical noise and clamour. Although still very much a nipper, the agency is already attracting a lot of attention – our first television advertising for World Child Cancer, “Big C”, has made the front page of Adweek. You can see the commercial here:

Our task was to raise awareness of the imbalance in cancer survival rates between the developing countries and the rest of the world. So we created this simple thought – “Let’s help even the odds”. It formed the basis for communications spanning social media to television. As you can see it has already attracted industry acclaim.


Touch wood, so far, Technique hasn’t given us or our founding clients any sleepless nights. The English National Opera, and Ramsar (United Nations) have also been proud to appear in the family album.

And we’re preparing for a growth spurt.

So if you’re looking to adopt a fresh approach to your brand and would like creative work that gets it talked about, now’s the time to tell us. Whether it’s identity, advertising or digital we would love the chance to talk to you about your brief (we’ll even help you write it, using our training offering).

For anyone who signs up to the Technique newsletter before the end of May, we’re offering a 30% discount on your first Technique project!

You can sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the Technique website.

Visit the Technique website, or email Technique here. Or call James on 07771 975610.

And for those of you who don’t know World Child Cancer, we encourage you to find out more here.