We’ve worked with many book publishers over the years, helping them to define their authors as brands. One of the very first of those was the crime-writer Minette Walters, so we really enjoyed this interview that she gave recently.


In the course of our work with Minette, on behalf of Pan-Macmillan, we discovered that it was her genuine understanding of the criminal psyche, gained from her experience as a prison visitor that formed a key part of the Minette Walters brand. We used that insight to create a new brand proposition and develop a marketing strategy for her next book – ‘Acid Row’.

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Using our work, the marketing team completely re-thought their approach to the launch of ‘Acid Row’, from where in the country they focused sales efforts to how they advertised and promoted it.  As a result the hardback version reached number 3 in the bestsellers (previously never having made it beyond number 21) and the paperback reached the top of the fiction paperback bestseller list.


It’s great to see that she still talks about that insight and that she’s back to her writing best. We wish her well.

If you would like to find out more about the Minette story simply visit our website at http://musestrategy.com/minette-walters/

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