James Page

Spurred on by early success in the media industry as Thanet’s paperboy of the year, James pursued a career in advertising via the world of student newspaper editing.

Blessed with a memory for jingles, although little else at that stage, he started out as an account executive at advertising agency Yellowhammer, which is when he first began to have his hair cut at Soho stalwarts Fish (pictured above).

He went on to work for David Ogilvy and Frank Lowe at their respective agencies and as Board Director and Managing Partner he has endured questionably tough advertising assignments such as shooting on location for the Jamaica Tourist Board and product testing Prince Charles’ favourite tipple, Laphroaig. He was responsible for keeping the Duracell bunny going and even launched the anti-fur campaign for Lynx (not at the behest of the bunny). He has also made an awful lot of car commercials for Ford.

James left Lowe to form Muse with Simon during which time he has also served as project Board Member for the Royal Academy’s £6m re-development of Keeper’s House and is currently Non-Executive Director responsible for brand and corporate development at Turner Contemporary.

After all these years he still goes to Fish, although he strongly denies suggestions that there’s a bit less for them to work with these days.