Modelling and Evaluation

Statistical techniques to aid evaluation and inform investment decisions


“What can I expect?” 

“Is my activity effective?”


We work with leading econometricians to develop statistical models to forecast and analyse performance.

In the case of clients with the luxury of bigger budgets we can create bespoke models to analyse any aspect of marketing performance.

In the case of clients with smaller budgets we create continuous syndicated models that can be bought into on an ad hoc basis.

For example in the cultural sector we have developed an econometric model to predict the attendance at paid for temporary exhibitions which clients can buy into on an exhibition by exhibition basis. It considers thirty two factors such as subject interest, exhibit quality, duration, time of year and family appeal.

Examples of our work

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Nestle impress us. Of the multinational FMCG businesses it is the most flexible and adaptable, maybe along with Pernod-Ricard.

We were appointed to identify portfolio priorities and define key brand propositions.


Our first publishing project.

Defining audience, brand, and communications plan.

Very successful.


Stella Artois has long been one of Britain’s most successful beer brands. But it hasn’t always been plane sailing. It has gone through several periods of decline.

We got involved during the last one. A repositioning was planned. The ad agency wasn’t sure that was right. They suggested we have a look.


Big initiatives hadn’t resulted in big growth in visitor numbers.

We were appointed to find out why and propose actions.

About the title image:

The 2i’s coffee bar on Old Compton St is considered the birthplace of British rock ‘n roll. The basement contained an 18″ stage made of milk crates and a microphone left over from the Boer War.

Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin, Adam Faith, Ritchie Blackmore, and unfortunately, Gary Glitter, were all discovered there.

Actually, you might say ‘unfortunately’ about all of them.