OK. So this possibly wins the award for our most misleading headline ever.

What it really should read is something like “James pretends to be lead-singer of (the other) Muse in order to persuade genuine star to appear in photo with him”. Or at least that’s how we suspect he managed to wangle his way into this snap.


Whatever the truth he was lucky enough to be invited by our good friends and Soho neighbours Native Music to one of their now legendary lounge sessions at their Jungle Studios home in Wardour Street last week. Lianne was giving a sneak preview of her forthcoming album ‘Blood’, in the run up to her appearance at Glastonbury when she made the mistake of wandering into his line of sight at the rooftop party that ensued.

In fairness he is a big fan. Which must be why she‘s managing to muster a smile. Or is it possbily because these lyrics from one of her early hits ‘Age’ are passing through her mind?

“So is it a problem that he’s old?

As long as he does whatever he’s told?”

Either way she certainly looks much happier than the last member of rock royalty who found himself sharing a table with James.

Poor Charlie.