Sometimes we have to resign ourselves to our clients ignoring our recommendations!

So it’s always nice to see our advice acted upon, even in a small way.

We have done some work for the music venue Sage, Gateshead (above) recently.

It is perceived as a ‘grown up’ classical music venue, despite numerous other genre’s of music being performed there regularly. But, as you can see from the photo above, it does look like a classical music venue.

Our research also found that their publicity material was perceived to be too corporate and sterile for rock / alternative audiences.

And so we suggested that they act more like a smaller alternative venue in their marketing, and encouraged them to add a more contemporary youthful aspect to their character. They acted on this by commissioning credible contemporary artists to design the publicity posters, and then selling them.

We think they look great:


You can buy the posters from their website HERE

You’ll have to hurry though as it looks as though they’re selling fast:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.56.47

You can see Cate Le Bon here

And St Vincent here