Rick Butler

After a degree in History from Sheffield University (which is a surprising subject for someone who can’t remember what he did yesterday) Rick began his working life at Fopp records, but felt the need to move on after opening a box of Showaddywaddy cds one morning.

So he gained a postgraduate diploma in Advertising and Strategy, before joining Lowe London as a graduate trainee, progressing to Planner. It is widely recognised that the best strategic training about brands and consumers is in ad agencies and the Lowe London Planning Dept was viewed as one of the best in the world at the time.

Rick came across James when both were working on the Vauxhall account. A few years working on ‘Sure’ and other Unilever brands followed, whilst moonlighting as a successful T Shirt designer.

Then he had the good sense to join Simon and James at Muse. He became one of the Partners some time later.

In his spare time, Rick fritters his money away on rare vinyl, tries to stop his house from falling down and has a season ticket at a once great football club, reduced to mediocrity by a recent change of management