In his spare time Rob DJ’s at The Social, owned by Heavenly Records and one of London’s most credible music venues. Here he is at work. (Something we rarely witness!)

photo 1

They’re DJing at Glastonbury in the Stonebridge Bar and they’ve asked Rob to join them, which is great news – get’s him out of the office for a week.

He’s curious to know what the accommodation will be like. Well, we’re rather hoping the answer is at the top of the page! (The Glastonbury campsite, 2011.)

Here’s The Social, in Little Portland St, although this is upstairs and Rob DJ’s downstairs.


Our relentless jokes at his expense above are cruel. We’re actually very pleased for him. But for goodness sake don’t tell him.

So if you’re at Glastonbury, do say hello.

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