We were fortunate enough to be working in Beverly Hills recently.

We stayed at the excellent Avalon, once the residence of Marilyn Monroe. It is rumoured that the pool was reshaped after her figure.

The shape of the pool is important to this story and so we’ve shown it above. The cabanas you can see to the left of the pool are important too.

One evening we were meeting a contact in the bar on the opposite side of the pool to the cabanas in the picture. A group of movie execs had been in the bar and had regrouped to one of the cabanas.

One of them took a call, which of course we didn’t notice at first, until he began to argue with his caller. He was clearly furious. He strode up and down the side of the pool ranting and raving, gesticulating wildly. He didn’t see the curve of the pool as he strode along the edge of it.

And so he fell straight in.

Fully clothed.

Whilst shouting.

What a marvellous evening!