Simon McQuiggan

After a period of time rather improbably riding a bike for a living Simon got into Marketing at Nestle, working on their culinary, confectionary and coffee brands.

Wanting to work on image brands he went to what was then Whitbread Beer Company managing Heineken, spending his time trying to reinvigorate ‘Refreshes the Parts’ advertising and trying to keep customers out of trouble in Amsterdam. He wasn’t very successful at either. He had more luck with Boddingtons and Stella Artois.

He spent some time at London Business School and joined Trinity Mirror as Marketing Director, reporting to Kelvin MacKenzie which was hilarious and terrifying in equal measure.

Simon enjoyed working with ad agency ‘Lowe’ in their golden period and so when they asked him to  run their strategy business, he said “yes”. He spent the next 5 years being as amused as he was with Kelvin.

He and some colleagues left to form Muse, the independent incarnation of Lowe Brand.

In the picture he is outside Kinoko, round the corner from the office and one of Britain’s premiere cycle stores. Some of us wish they would move a long way away so we could get more work out of him. Others are grateful to them.