We bumped into a friend of ours who owns a specialist digital agency today.

He had been at a digital marketing awards dinner last night.

As is always the case at digital events there were lots of junior, inexperienced people there.

He had been impressed by one of the women on his table who was also quite unassuming. During the evening he offered her some career advice and she received it gratefully. Towards the end of the evening he suggested that they might have another discussion to see if he could help her further, and maybe see if he might have an opportunity for her.

She welcomed his offer and gave him her business card…which revealed that she was the CEO of a business employing several hundred people!

As our friend said, it demonstrated that his judgement about her potential was right. But of course it also demonstrated something else, as he was good enough to observe himself!

We like her. She must have had an amusing evening!