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Nestle impress us. Of the multinational FMCG businesses it is the most flexible and adaptable, maybe along with Pernod-Ricard. We were appointed to identify portfolio priorities and define key brand propositions.


Our first publishing project. Defining audience, brand, and communications plan. Very successful.


Stella Artois has long been one of Britain’s most successful beer brands. But it hasn’t always been plane sailing. It has gone through several periods of decline. We got involved during the last one. A repositioning was planned. The ad agency wasn’t sure that was right. They suggested we have a look.


Big initiatives hadn’t resulted in big growth in visitor numbers. We were appointed to find out why and propose actions.

About the title image:

Now famed for its music, The Sun & 13 Cantons pub, at 21 Great Pulteney St, was once the hub of the Soho-based Film & Television industry in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Under the ownership of Goldcrest Films, the pub saw directors such as Alan Parker and Ridley Scott signing picture deals over a pint. In the late 90’s, the bar and music venue The Social, owned by Heavenly Records, started hosting DJ nights in the basement bar – with such luminaries as Carl Cox and the Chemical Brothers (then known as the Dust Brothers) appearing. That musical tradition continues to this day. Simon spent a lot of time here (well, not all that much time) when he worked with BBH – who made him go, as it was next door to their then office. It is now almost next door to our office and is the first place we look for Rob. By coincidence, he now DJ’s at the Social – which is the second place we look for him.