What We Do


Projects rarely fall neatly into one area, but usually use a mix of these skills:

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Segmenting markets from a consumer perspective. Valuing segments to identify opportunity.

Development of audience insight and brand proposition and values

Most projects require a degree of brand analysis. We have a method to properly understand brand performance.

There are lots of qual agencies. Some aren’t so good.

Statistical techniques to forecast and evaluate.

Before media planning. Properly understanding how consumers make decisions.

Getting the organisation to understand the new strategy or initiative and implement it correctly.

We have four specialist panels.

Our backgrounds and experience allow us to offer the best advice in the important matter of appointing suitable agencies.

Training in several aspects of marketing, using some innovative, unexpected methods

Tracking is everyday in some sectors and little known in others. We can help add the value of tracking to your business.

We’ve been to some terrible workshops. We do them better.

In addition to the services above, we have a model to develop and evaluate membership and loyalty schemes

I just wanted to say that I’ve just been through your debriefs again today and I think they are great pieces of work. Many thanks for all your efforts on this.


Thank you for the session on Thursday. It met all the questions and issues that the planners had in their heads, and went beyond that to give us all new ways of looking at the purpose, preparation and running of workshops. …. All in all changing ‘workshop’ from a pressure and a formula into something quite inspirational.


My team felt it was the best training they’d had.
It provided theory backed up by real examples, and processes that have given us a framework which is being used daily.
Thank you very much


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