Moscow, Russia

GUM Department Store (or GUM ‘Trading House’, as it’s known in Russia), Red Square. Not so long ago the population of Moscow queued for bread here. Now they queue for Prada.

GUM inside, a Dior logo just behind the fountain:

We create actionable, business building, Marketing Strategy.

Our backgrounds are in the most sophisticated, successful clients and agencies, and we have worked on some of the most commercially successful and creatively admired brands of recent times.

We bring that experience to all the projects we work on.

We see no substitute for knowledge of the best methods, rigour, and intrinsic ability.

Examples of our work:

Below are two very different sectors we work in. Click on an image to find out more, or go to 'Work and Sectors' in the main menu to see more about our work.

Nestlé, Central Europe

Minette Walters

What people say about us:

Jaguar Land Rover

"We started off expecting to improve our website and finished up with a completely different view of our business. A much bigger view."

Pernod Ricard

"You are the best agency I have worked with."


"The workshops run by Simon and Kiran were extremely valuable. My team felt it was the best training they’d had. It provided theory backed up by real examples, and processes that have given us a framework which is being used daily. Thank you very much"