The World Cup has been a very low key event so far, and what little advertising has been based on it, has been pretty poor. Here’s an exception. A well observed idea, immaculatedly executed. And not even a mention of the World Cup by name. Part of a good campaign, of which this is the strongest execution.

And, in our view, an example of the not so good!

Could it be a more contrived? After all, we all know that people only eat and drink every four years, during the World Cup don’t we?

But can you really blame the agency when they’ve got such a tenuous association to work with? We had to work with an equally tenuous sponsorship at the 2012 Olympics and so we know how hard it can be. In fact on reflection, it might be quite a good ad, given what we suspect the brief might have looked like. Something like?: “Make an association between the World Cup and our mouthwash….oh, and it must include our standard CGI product demo, which you must adapt to make it fit into the World Cup theme.”

Can you imagine the fight for the brief in the creative department?:

Team A: “You have it”

Team B: “No, you have it”

Team A: “No, you have it”

C.D.: “There’s a trip to Brazil in it”

Teams A and B, simultaneously: “OK, we’ll do it”