Today’s blog heaps praise on the world of property marketing whilst admitting to a secret panel show habit.

It’s not easy to exist at the bleeding edge of best marketing practice and simultaneously keep a firm finger on the pulse of popular culture. But then again not everyone is our Rick. He displayed this rare ability by recently employing a word association methodology not dissimilar to that used by the C4 stalwart ‘Pointless’, a game-show which rewards contestants for correctly identifying the least obvious but nevertheless true answers to random questions.

His opening gambit went thus.

“For which of the following would you expect Battersea to be best known ? Is it a dogs home? Is it a power station? Or is it an Arts Centre in need of renovation?”

Your answers will probably depend upon individual levels of A. Pet ownership. B. Being old enough to have followed Pink Floyd first time round. C. Living down-wind of Lavender Hill. Whichever, it may come as a surprise to hear that the correct answer is in fact none of the above.

The answer is culture.

We’ll give you time to recover.

Yes, culture.

Now this is the point at which we should probably come clean. We worked with the team at Battersea Power Station to develop, amongst other things, a brand proposition that encapsulated exactly what the revitalised area could stand for and, no surprise, culture was at the heart of that proposition.




So when he shared this hoarding with the team at Muse we were genuinely pleased and impressed that the marketers responsible for Battersea Power Station had remained true to that original brand proposition. We’re firm believers in actionable marketing strategy and this couldn’t be a better sign of a brand proposition being executed with consideration and rigour.

We’ll look forward to seeing how the Battersea regeneration story unfolds but in the meantime if you’d like to read more about how we developed the brand you can visit our website.

P.S. The Arts Centre and the Dogs Home could do with all the help they can get, so feel free to click on either to make a donation.