For those who should have been at the Remix Summit but opted instead for Xmas shopping on Oxford Street, here’s a Xmas present from us to you – a diary of highlights (and otherwise) that you can drop into the conversation whilst admiring your new Jimmy Choos. So whether you’re interested in content marketing, co-creation or creative communities, this blog is for you.

We love a conference but only when it shakes things up. That’s why we’re fans of Remix – it takes a fresh look at how the latest thinking in culture, technology and entrepreneurship can be applied to any sector (dare we say a bit like the way we approach marketing). So once our Rick had recovered from the revelation that the hosts weren’t remotely related to the drinks industry, we agreed to press on and prop up the elderflower bar at The British Museum and Google headquarters.

Highlight: We’re off and Anthony Lilley OBE gets the first decent laugh of the day for his observation that web-based bluffing is diametrically related to the number times the words ‘digital’ and ‘platform’ are used by an individual in any one meeting. You know who you are.

Warning light: On the subject of content marketing Nicholas Lovell, author of “The Curve” says, “Data is only useful if it answers questions you want answered”. We think, “Hope the DCMS are hearing this.”

Doh!Light: During coffee we compliment fellow delegate from “Proud Anarchist Café” on her wittily hand-scrawled badge. She who informs us that it’s actually “Proud Archivist Cafe”. Should have gone to Specsavers.

Sunlight: Frederik Ottesen of Little Sun humbles the room with a masterclass in good deeds and under-sell.


Light relief: Loving Deborah Shaw on smell maps at Historic Royal Palaces (amongst other things). We are not amused. Well, we are actually.

Light at the end of the tunnel: Lawrence Crumpton from Microsoft delivers the human perspective on how ‘machine learning’ will shape the future of healthcare.

Light lunch: Informed by catering lady that it’s only two sandwiches per person. Awks (specifically in light of Rick’s towering plate). Will make sure that she gets a mention on one of our many ‘digital platforms’.

Light-headed: Graciously decline afternoon cake, deftly regaining the moral high-ground with sandwich lady. Oh yeah.

Flashing light: Phone runs out of battery. So do we (knew we should have had the cake).

Guiding light: Next session opens with the expression ‘serendipitous discovery’ and so the bar is set for buzzword bingo – 10 points for every time one of us can crowbar that beauty into a question today.

Light fantastic: Mildly car-sick after hugely impressive panel on virtual, augmented and hybrid reality. Suspect the five eyed cephalapod will come back to haunt us. Check out both Blippar and Atlantic Productions see the future. Emily Smith of The Natural History Museum nails it with “Always ask, what is it about technology that will enrich our visitor experience?”

Lightweight: Apparently Google’s office wi-fi isn’t much better than ours. Grrrr. Buffer-face.

Lighthouse: Intriguing look at how creative communities fuel the growth of cultural capital. Dave Twohig from Battersea Power Station puts the expression ‘place-making’ in his room 101, Hannah Barry of Bold Tendencies emphasises the importance of letting people determine how space should be used and everyone stares at their shoes at the mention of ‘gentrifiication’.


Leading lights: Discussion on the future of membership emphasises the importance of using co-creation to develop membership offerings and suggests that cultural organisations should develop their own version of private members clubs. Sounds like everyone back to Keepers House?

Celestial light: The excellent Juliana Biondo from the Vatican talks about how they give “new value to old art” to reward their patrons.

Light touch: Claire Postans from Jamie Oliver Group demonstrates how success in developing Intellectual Property is all about keeping it simple – “understand your audience and know your brand”. How are those Brand manuals looking?

Marlboro Light: Mirriad – if this doesn’t change the world of product placement, nothing will.

Lighbulb moment: Ben Maher from Mashable describes how matches charities with people, based on skills, available time and location. Where do we sign up?

Light on our feet: Time to go. We’ve seen the future and we’re in.

Of course this really is only our snapshot and other conferences are available but if nothing else, this particular gath really does reinforce the value of learning from a cross section of sectors, especially those ahead of the curve. Which of course (plug alert) is what we do at Muse for all our clients. If you’d like to find out more about any of the topics above or just want to put something on our tab you can email