Our Accounts had to be filed yesterday, so we met in Cote, Wimbledon Village (above) to sign them before sending to our accountant.

We needed to use their WiFi, which was fine at first, but we noticed it was cutting out from time to time.

We told the waitress of the problem who said this:

“Yes, we know about that. It’s because the WiFi stops when we make toast.”

English wasn’t her first language and so we wondered if something had got lost in translation?!

So we made enquiries of a member of staff who had English as a first language – only to discover that the hilarious explanation for the WiFi failing was completely true!

We could turn this into one of those logic tests: how can it be that making toast causes WiFi to fail? But we’ll save you the effort. The answer is quite simple really.

Some water had been spilt and so they couldn’t use some of the plug sockets until they dried out. Which meant that when they needed to make toast they had to unplug the WiFi to plug in the toasting equipment!

An amusing distraction from the mundane matter of company accounts!