This week’s blog spills the beans on the meaning of life and heaps praise on an organisation for practising what it preaches.

Whilst we’re always loyal to our clients we aren’t in the habit of religiously promoting their brands (err, actually, yes we are). Anyhoo, last week we were particularly pleased to read the recent article entitled “Belief and Beyond: ’Music and art connect with higher existence’” regarding Southbank Centre’s current festival that amongst other things, explores issues that range from the binding powers of music to the gnarly chestnut that is the meaning of life (in case you didn’t know the answer is 42).

"One ring to"... you know the rest hobbit-lovers.

“One ring to”… you know the rest hobbit-lovers.

“Why so pleased?” we hear you cry as one, most likely because there’s only one of you reading this blog over half term. The answer is that other than it affords us the opportunity to indulge ourselves with a string of Lord of the Rings/Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy references, we did do a very modest amount of work on the festival, so it’s nice to be associated with success.

Also it’s good to see multi-arts venues genuinely seizing the opportunity to bring different art forms together in order to deliver a programme that transcends the sum of the individual parts. Organisations such as the Southbank Centre are in a unique position to cohere multiple art forms into singular visitor brand experience.

Of course we won’t reveal the exact nature of our assignment, suffice to say that there was an interest in evaluating the appeal of some of the important themes explored in the festival. In that respect the organisation applied science in order to evaluate the impact of the festival. And in doing so the Southbank Centre not only acted in a manner that was on brand with the festival both internally and externally but it also resisted the temptation to act purely on blind faith.

Or in other words, it went beyond belief.

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